Wednesday, Nov. 20

-6:15am CARDIO /STEP INTENSITY is cancelled this week only

Thursday, Nov. 21

-Liz is covering the 6:15am CORE & MORE

-Chris is covering the 8:00am CARDIO DRILLS

Friday, Nov. 22

-Kelly is covering the 9:15am SPIN

Saturday, Nov. 23

-Jen is covering the 8:30am TOTAL BODY CHALLENGE

Sunday, Nov. 24

-Meg is teaching the 9:00am SPIN

**SUNDAY FUNDAY  SPIN with Lisa is back!**

Pre-holiday thinning spinning at noon then FUN

at the mews for a post workout Patriots party!

Monday, Nov. 25

-Meg is covering the 6:00am SPIN

Tuesday, Nov. 26

Wednesday, Nov. 27

OPEN 5:00am - 5:00pm

*8:00-9:00am -DAY BEFORE DANCE PARTY with Chris

-4:00pm TOTAL BODY CHALLENGE is cancelled tonight

Thursday, Nov. 28

OPEN 7:00am - 10:00am

*TURKEY DAY SPIN- 7:15am with Lisa and 8:30am with Brian

*8:30-9:30am- TURKEY DAY POWER HOUR with Laurie

Friday, Nov. 29

OPEN 7:00am - 5:00pm

*8:00-9:00am - BURN YOUR BUTTERBALL BOOT CAMP with Jen

Saturday, Nov. 30

Sunday, Dec. 1


Cardio Strength Circuit with Meg at 8:30am

-Kayla is teaching the 9:00am SPIN

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