*ACCOUNTABILITY- Your trainer provides the necessary tools to achieve your goals.  You are responsible to take these tools and work with your trainer to implement the training program.  Meeting on a regular basis to continually measure outcomes and modify your program will lead you to success.


*MOTIVATION- Our trainers will safely push you to improve and help you realize how hard you can actually work.


*METHODOLOGY- Fitness is constantly evolving.  Learn efficient and effective exercise techniques.


*PLAN OF ACTION- Our trainers will help you create obtainable short and long term goals.  By having a plan, you become more focused and efficient in your training.


*RESULTS- You and your trainer will create a results-based training program leading you to success!



1 Hour Personal Training

Member: $50    Non-Member:$56


1/2 Hour Personal Training

Member: $35    Non-Member: $41






AAAI/ISMA Certified

Personal Trainer



Core stability, spinal range of motion, flexibility, strength and balance are the principles upon which I develop training programs to enhance performance and prevent injury.  With knowledge and experience gained through 30 years in the health and wellness industry, I will share with you the importance of correct form and execution of movement as we work to establish a strong foundation of safe and effective exercises based on YOUR body's unique strengths and limitations.