20/20/20: 3 different formats that may include a variety of options; cardiovascular, strength, core, intervals or flexibility, utilizing different props or equipment of the instructors choice.

BOOT CAMP: A high energy, total body conditioning, circuit style workout consisting of a series of athletic conditioning drills and calisthenics.  This class is sure to challenge your strength, endurance, and pure determination.  Come prepared to sweat!

BODY BY BANDS: Long tubing and exerloops are utilized to perform basic exercises for the upper and lower body to build strength against varies levels of elastic resistance. 

CARDIO/CORE CONDITIONING: This class focuses on resistance and functional training exercises which utilize the entire body to stabilize and strengthen the core.  Tubing, weights, balls or other props may be used to create diversity.  A cardio segment can be incorporated into this class at the instructors discretion.


CARDIO DRILLS: A total aerobic challenge.  Basic high and low impact movements get your heart pumping and provide a total metabolism boost!

CARDIO STRENGTH CONDITIONING: This format uses one minute intervals of cardio, lower body strength and upper body strength for a total body workout.  


FLEX & STRETCH: Recovery and range of motion are essential to every fitness routine.  This class focuses exclusively on stretching, lengthening and releasing tension of major groups for improved performance, as well as injury prevention.

FUNCTIONAL FITNESS: This workout is designed to prepare the body for everyday, real-world activities with exercises that integrate multiple muscle groups and mimic the way we move naturally - improving strength, coordination, balance, posture, and agility.  

KICK BOX : This format is packed with high intensity cardio, total core and upper body training.  Basic punches and kicks are blended into combinations and drills, keeping the heart pumping and muscles working.

ON THE BALL: This strength training format utilizes the large stability ball as a tool to challenge and enhance exercises that allow all the muscle groups of the body to work together for a total body conditioning. 

PIYO: The perfect blend of standing yoga postures timed to music and rhythmic repetition, combined with basic Pilates movements engaging every muscle of the body while focusing on strength, balance, and range of motion.  

POWER BARRE: A blend of ballet principles and athletic movement. This class focuses on muscle endurance, total-body toning, sculpting, mobility, and joint flexibility.  

SHEER STRENGTH : This resistance-training class is designed to shape and sculpt your body using hand-held weights, body bar, bands, balls, and/or mat work. A complete muscle conditioning workout that will challenge your strength and stamina.

STEP/CARDIO INTENSITY: Basic athletic moves and choreography are combined on the step platform for a workout that is combined of cardiovascular training and endurance (a strength segment may be incorporated). 

STEP STRENGTH: Full-body, cardio and strength based class that will get your heart pumping and strengthen your muscles.  Straight Step choreography and weight training keep this class constantly moving for a total calorie burn!


STRENGTH & STABILITY: Stretch, strengthen and tone the body and mind with this weights flow class! This class is a mixture os Asana and hand weights that will leave you feeling strong and energized as well as relaxed and centered.  It will help with flexibility, muscle tone, strength, and endurance.  please make sure to bring a mat to this class.

TOTAL BODY CHALLENGE: Rounds of exercises broken down into cycles of timed intervals combining cardio and strength movements creating a total body challenge. 

ZUMBA: Zumba combines high-energy, motivating music with unique dance moves and combinations set to a Latin inspired flare.  Shake, shimmy and groove yourself into shape with this total aerobic workout!



The first Sunday of every month

The first Sunday of every month the staff will rotate and offer a different class format.  Check the web site or the downstairs board at the gym for class description and details.


ONE SATURDAY A MONTH. This 90 minute non-stop workout will include 15-20 minute segments of varied formats to challenge your strength, your stamina and endurance!  Laurie, Chris, and Dee will come together, each presenting mini segments with some of their favorite exercises and moves!

Check the aerobics board and/or website for each months spotlight class and come give it a try!



YOGA/[MEDITATIVE]: A series of asanas, or postures, form the foundation of this practice which connects movement with breath, enhancing flexibility, balanced, and strength.  benefits of Yoga include improved circulation, strengthening of the nervous system, reduced stress, and relaxation.  Appropriate for all levels.  [Meditative] class has a more prominent focus on breath work, postural holds and relaxation techniques.

PILATES: Focusing on strength in the torso, abdomen and spine, this mind-body conditioning class uses a specially designed program of exercises in coordination with breathing, concentration, and control to build a strong and stable core, work the deepest layers of the muscles, and provide a full-body workout.


TRX: Use your own body weight and gravity with the TRX Suspension Training System to perform a series of exercises designed to train strength, endurance, balance, coordination, core stability, power, and flexibility.  Exercise intensity is adjusted by individual body positioning, making this workout appropriate for all ages and fitness levels.  


***SPIN: Get ready to partake in South County's strongest Spinning Program!  Held in our specially designed Spinning Studio, this instructor-led, indoor cycling class offers a non-impact, highly effective way to build cardiovascular strength and endurance.






(*** Indicates fee based program: No charge with Platinum-Level Membership / $3 per class for Basic Membership)
























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