Wed. Nov. 25th  5am-4pm

Thanksgiving Day  7am-10am

Fri. Nov. 27th  7am-4pm

We have a modified class schedule, spaces will be be reserved, by phone, by members, up to 24 hours in advance and face coverings are required.  In addition, class size may not exceed 15. Reservations for working out IS NOT REQUIRED.

Your safety is our top priority!  We've been keeping the club super clean while you've been away and will continue to do so while sanitizing equipment, hand weights, door knobs etc.  Increased staff will assure the River Bend is safe and sanitary

All studios have been marked for the enforcement of social distancing.  

We have installed a shield at the front desk to ensure non-contact entry.  EVERY ONE MUST CHECK IN AT THE FRONT DESK DAILY! Equipment has been positioned to allow proper use and staff will be wearing gloves and face masks at all times. 

Also, please bring your own towels at this time.

Our hours as of now are:

Monday-Friday 5am-8pm

Saturday & Sunday 7am-1pm

Our Childcare is also open!

Sign up 24 hours in advance, only 6 children at a time, no children under the age of 12 months. No one is allowed in the nursery except the parent/guardians.  Temperatures will be taken and children are required to wear masks (unless under the age of 2) as well as the childcare staff. Sign up times are MONDAYS THROUGH FRIDAYS 9:00-10:30am then 11:00am-Noon

* June 1st, we reinstated our 30 day cancel/hold policy.  Unlike other gyms, we do not require a 1 year agreement, but because we are a small, family owned business, we are also trying to negotiate through these tough times by keeping the gym safe and clean while staying financially solvent *